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a breaking news in the east bay. water rescue crews are on the scene searching for a missing man who might have fallen off a steep cliff. >> the water rescue underway in oakland in the old rock quarry behind the rock ridge shopping center on pleasant valley avenue. let's go to cheryl hurd who has been following the search. what are crews telling you at th this point? >> reporter: the alameda county dive crew is preparing to go into the water. there are a number of things they must do to make sure their dive is safe. they are about to go into the
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rock quarry near the safeway. the firefighters were called here this evening. we are on the backside of that address. a man called authorities and said that his roommate had been missing for about an hour. he said his roommate went out into the back deck of their condo looking for his cat. the fire department went into the back of the deck and saw his flashlight but did not see a man. they thought he may have fell into a hole but it's they discovered he had fallen off the cliff in the back of their condo and that fall could be between 75 to 100 feet into the water. >> we got on scene, there was no hole to be found but the quarry was just below. our presumption is that he fell into the water. we have been searching the water, poking the depth of the water as far as we can looking for him. but we found nothing at this time.
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>> reporter: the fire department is not releasing the man's name, not sure of his age but we are told he could be between 40 and 60 years of age. the baa italian chief told me this is the second time this has happened in a couple of weeks, primarily because of the wet water conditions. right now, back here live you can see that the rain is falling pretty heavily right now. it is slippery and miserable out here. we are in a water rescue right now authorities are telling me and it could take a number of hours. reporting live in oakland i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. is it here in a big way for many parts of the bay area tonight. >> this pre-thanksgiving rain storm. rain is coming down pretty steady right now. many people getting ready for the travel for the holiday. let's bring in our chief meteorologist who is tracking the storm and all the details.
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>> you add in the rain to holiday travel and it will be a slow go even if you are getting an early jump on it tonight. there is the storm system progressing through the peninsula and east bay. it is gusty from 15 to 30 miles an hour ahead of the rainfall with that top wind gust at 37 miles an hour. let's track the rain for you. the rain across san francisco and ggb. you can see the bay bridge is covered in wet water right now. this is the approach cam. as the cars approach the bay bridge, sometimes visibility is reduced down to 500 feet in some cases. take it very, very slow tonight even if you are in a rush to get from point a to point b there's a been a handful of accidents today. you can see the rain moving from the south into menlo park and
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palo alto. in the south bay it has been dry but there is enough moisture to squeeze some of this out for you on the commute. we'll time it out in the full forecast and updates on the holiday travel. >> we will see you shortly. as they grieve they are demanding answers. a south bay family buried a son who is a marine during a confrontation with police in palm springs. they say they don't have the closure that they need. >> reporter: while the riverside police investigate the shooting the family was here for the viewing which ended moments ago. earlier tonight they called for justice in the death of their son. cries for justice. >> justice for a.j. >> reporter: as young and old
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shed tears. >> you fight for your mother and father and children's freedom. the least we can do is give him the justice he deserves. >> reporter: the corporal did not die on the battlefield but in california miles from his base in twenty-nine palms. the police say they killed him after he le fused to pull over and allegedly drove into an officer. >> this is unjust. you know, they used excessive force. there is no need to fire shots in the torso whether they hit him. >> reporter: in the mortuary the family mourned. >> it's very sad. we're mad. i'm really mad too. he was my first son. and you know, he was the one that was going to give me my first grandkids. >> reporter: the officers involved were on routine administrative leave as the investigation continues. the family is in the process of pursuing legal charges against
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the police department. >> we want to make sure that these two policemen are behind bars. we won't stop. we never stop until that happens. >> the corporal's funeral mass will be tomorrow morning. after that is concluded the burial ceremony will be right here. >> thank you, george. there is new information about the california men suspected of being terror suspects. a dozen agents swarmed the 21-year-old's apartment on friday where he lives with his parents in upland about 30 miles east of l.a. he is one of four men charged with plotting to kill americans and destroying u.s. targets overseas by joining al qaeda. the men had purchased tickets to mexico can plans to fly from there to turkey. they learned that a 34-year-old served in the air force for a
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brief time. he was given an honorable discharge a year and a half after joining. despite talks of a cease fire violence escalated in the middle east in gaza. 200 rockets were fired into israel. it is wednesday morning in gaza and tel aviv. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the war zone trying to broker a peace deal. in the bay area tonight, hundreds of israeli supporters gathered to pray for peace. the council general to israel was in attendance. >> we give so much support and our resilience is because of what we see here today and throughout those days. >> reporter: they set up a broadcast which showed a live feed from the shelters in israel. here's a story that is drawing snickers across the
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country. no more private parts in public. san francisco supervisors had a tough time but they barely passed a nudity ban. but tonight it is not quite time to cover up for nudists. not yet. we get a sneak peek in the story that is new at 11:00. >> reporter: disappointed nudists react to the san francisco board of supervisors passing a public nudity ban immediately stripping down in the board chambers in city hall. the sheriffs escorted them out. >> nudity is a beautiful thing. the bodies we are born in that we live in and die in are beautiful. >> the ban is not yet in effect. the naked protests continued on the steps of city hall. george said the leaders are violating his rights. >> this is civil liberties and freedom of expression. we are showing body freedom. nude is not lewd. nude is natural. we're not harms anybody.
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>> some people took pictures. this woman couldn't believe her eyes. she is from israel where nudity lands you in jail. kimberly came to pick up a birth certificate and left in shock. >> i don't think it's appropriate. there should be a time and place for it. >> reporter: there can be nudity at permitted fairs and festivals. complaints are pouring in. >> i delayed two years hoping the issue would resolve itself. it did not and got more extreme. >> reporter: the nudity ban must survive another reading here at city hall and there is a court challenge. if it makes it through all those steps it goes into effect february 21st, 2013. coming up, medical
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emergencies, midair. >> you could request an emergency medical kit and be given a box of band aids. >> why airline emergencies are not reported to the public. a baby girl born with a heart outside her body is defining the odds tonight. how doctors are trying to save her life. we're tracking that storm tonight and the rain is picking up from san francisco down to san matteo. if you are going to the airport in the morning expect delays with an estimated one to two hour delay at sfo. we are following breaking news, a water search now a recovery mission for a man who fell into the old oakland rock quarry that is now filled with water. he slid down a steep cliff into that water.
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a little girl is defying the odds tonight. she suffers a rare condition where her heart is located outside her body on her chest. you can see her hands circling her heart. this is her born full term via c-section. >> right now what we have over the heart is skin and a bit of muscle. she doesn't have a breast plate like we have. we will have to do an operation to provide a protection over the heart. >> five weeks after the surgery he is recovering in the
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intensive care unit and getting stronger every day. to give you perspective here, for every one million babies eight are born with this condition. is there a doctor on board? not something you want to hear at 30,000 feet. but what are the chances that you'll need a doctor midair and how often do medical emergencies happen when you're flying? we uncovered that it does happen daily. and i understand you reached a up to the airlines to talk about it. >> reporter: we did but they won't talk about it on camera and they are not required to report inflight medical emergencies. the medical kits and aed must be on board. but still no one knows exactly how often passengers need that help. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have a medical emergency. >> reporter: it's something many travellers fear. >> it's the scary thing to think
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that each and every one of us is at risk. >> reporter: rosa knows. her mother needed medical attention on a plane. >> we never expected her to die, you know. she was on a trip. she was supposed to come home the next week. >> reporter: just minutes after her southwest airlines flight took off in phoenix the 74-year-old went into cardiac arrest. a retired emt on the flight stepped in to help but was unable to revive her. the pilot decided to continue on with 50 minutes left in the flight landing in california. >> i believe they didn't do everything possible to try to save my mother's life. >> this could be a potentially life threatening situation. >> reporter: when there are medical problems in the sky, 90% of pilots will call medaire.
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the private company gives advice to pilots or flight attendants on board. they received more than 22,000 calls last year. >> the medical events are rare. >> reporter: but that may reflect a fraction of the medical emergencies that occur each year because no one knows for sure how often it's happening. the faa doesn't mandate that the airlines report it even when someone dies. >> there is a medical event every day of the week. >> some do track the emergencies but don't make it public. >> i receive all these reports from american airlines that i review. >> reporter: she represents flight attendants at american airlines and sees in flight medical issues daily. >> if you think about it you're
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35,000 or such feet up in the air, not ideal place to become ill. >> the passengers who become a patient's life is at stake. >> reporter: melissa madison happened to be on a flight when a fellow passenger had a seizure. it was handled poorly and the medical kit was not adequate. >> it did not occur to me that a medical emergency kit would just have band aids. >> reporter: the harvard medical professor said if the airlines reported all medical problems they could better respond to them. >> we can better take care of passengers who become sick in the sky. >> reporter: there are other complaints we obtained documenting some of the emergencies including 600
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incidents when passengers needed attention in flight since 2001. some attendants had difficulties kmo communicating with medaie and saying in order for them to be an effective tool in an emergency situation the flight attendants need a direct phone connection. >> we need the age and gender and medical condition. >> reporter: oftentimes the calls are routed through the cockpit. >> the level of care depends heavily on the quality of the communication. >> reporter: we tried to get the airlines to talk about some of the criticisms and tell us why it doesn't make the information public. for weeks requesting interviews by phone and e-mail be a dozen air carriers, all declined. >> inflight medical emergencies are not going to go away. they will increase with time as
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the population ages. but we don't know how frequent the emergencies are. >> maybe there was a chance for her to survive. >> reporter: rosa and her family sued southwest. still, these days she prefers not to fly. >> i used to be really comfortable in a flight and it's quite scary now. >> reporter: we contacted southwest. the airline did not want to comment on the lawsuit. airlines are required to report animal deaths on flights. we have more on this issue on our website, including what items are required to be in a medical kit. we discovered what is in them can vary from airline to airline. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call.
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or send us an e-mail. this is the big forecast. what happens tomorrow with everyone on the move. >> we get clearing in here. but a warning for early travellers that want to get a move on it in the overnight hours. it's going to be slick on the roads. we're going to track this rain coming up. let's get to the rainfall totals. impressive with this slow moving storm system. napa, 5 inches reported in 24 hours. that copying in from our viewer jane graham. and san francisco less at .12. but the totals will increase. the rain on the increase across the peninsula. you can see at the bay bridge, very wet roads not only there but across the golden gate bridge and oakland. the east bay finally getting in on the showers.
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this will move your way into san ramon and sonoma. it will be slow to get there but expect showers in the next three to four hours. but we are finding the wet water sliding into palo alto and mountainview. we expect wet weather coming your way throughout 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 in the morning. looking at the sierra it is starting to snow on i-80 or highway 50. 4 to 8 inches is possible. let's look at the sky camera network tonight. we had visibility knocked down to 500 feet a few minutes ago. it's starting to improve now but waves of wet water coming your way. the clouds are increasing with the showers on the way. let's get you back into the water boards with your timing as we head throughout tomorrow morning it is slowly moving to
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the south. we think at 5:00 a.m. in the morning we hang on to showers in the south seen east bay. in the afternoon on wednesday we get sunshine in here and it will be okay by the afternoon hours if you are traveling. lingering morning showers. expect major airport delays in the morning hours and also slick roads across the sierra. temperatures in the low 50s to start as we head throughout the morning and daytime highs in the low to mid-60s. again breaks of sunshine. the three-day forecast. we have thanksgiving in there. dry holiday travel with mid- to upper-60s. on friday you get sunny deals in there if you are a black friday shop for you are all about small business saturday on saturday we have sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s. something for everyone but most importantly all the calls on the red phone it worked.
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i have it under lock and key. >> like at the white house. >> the red phone. >> we cleared it out in time. >> we're back in a moment.
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just tiny. >> if all goes as plan, san francisco will be home to the nation's tiniest apartment, 220 square feet. >> the board of supervisors approved the construction of microunits today. the average rent for a studio is currently $2,000. the microapartments will cost about $1500. >> i have the rights to the reality show, jessica and henry living in one of those things as roommates. >> i was going to say, 220 square feet, bigger than the dog house i sleep in every night. if i have to share it with jessica i'm willing to share with the jessica. if she don't mind bad smelling feet i'm great to live with. he roamed the sidelines for
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more than a decade in berkeley but jeff tedford is no longer the head man for the bears football team. the giants rolled out the orange carpet for a movie release of world championship proportions. that's next in sporters. rs. s.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. a coaching career spiralled out of control and jeff tedford has been fired after 11 years with the team. he will receive $6 million in compensation. the bears lost their last five games of the season. cal was ranked up to number two in the country in 2007 but they were 23-27 of the past four years. he won a school record 82 games. and the athletic director said letting the coach go was a disk
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decision. >> jeff tedford is a good man who has brought great success and celebration to this university. and who deserves to occupy a place of honor in the cal family. his legacy is unquestioned. however the current state of our program is not what our student athletes, fans, and campus community deserve. my decision was based and my decisions will continue to be based on what i believe is right and best for our student athletes. in baseball, san francisco did its best hollywood impression tuesday night as the giants released its 2012 world series championship film. actor and narrator benjamin bratt made an appearance along with bruce bochy. >> be nice to watch in the a different way and enjoy it and
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bring back great memories. i've taken some time off. but i know this is something all the players look forward to. you want to savor this. >> i've been a fan 40 years, grew up in this city. you know, as a kid we never got near the championship. to make it into the playoffs, win the championship series and make into the world series and win twice in three years it's surreal. >> it's always fun to relive that magical season with the giants. that will do it for sports. hang with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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want to get you back to our breaking news. dive teams are in the water at the old oakland rock quarry. a man fell into the water way that fills the quarry.
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they are in the water now. he's presumed to be drowned. >> that will do it for us. see you tomorrow.
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>> i mean, really, jay. two bodyguards, only blue m&m's and five lobster dinners? what a diva we have on the show tonight! >> jay: i'm sorry. i'm sorry, leandra. hey, lindsay! >> hey! [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: you look great! >> thank you. >> jay: well, thanks for coming. >> oh, of course. everyone's so nice here. >> jay: oh, we appreciate you being here. >> thanks. >> jay: everything okay, mr. gregory? [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah, it's all right, ja but can i get a little bit more melted butter, please? >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes --

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